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Things that can make your penis size really bigger

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If you are a male, you can truly understand the importance of size. No matter what people say, but size really does matters and it can make or ruin your sexual life. Having smaller and weaker penis is not just the matter of old guys, but even young dudes face terrible issues in terms of gaining their manhood.

Having a stronger and bigger penis is an obvious desire of every man to boost their self confidence and to satisfy their partner. Though, male enhancement surgery is very much popular among men nowadays. However, most of the intelligent people usually avoid the surgical procedures, as none of them come without any side effects.

Rather than regretting later, the best way to make your penis bigger and noticeable is to adopt natural ways. Instead of going for surgery, you should adopt these tips and tricks for strengthening your penis along with penis enhancements pills like Male Extra to make your journey easier. Check out these amazing tricks that you can practice in your free time to help your penis grow.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

One of the great and natural ways to make your penis bigger and powerful is to perform penis enlargement exercises. You can improve your penis size drastically with these exercises naturally if you work out every day. Daily routine of physical exercises will keep your body in good shape and also boost your self esteem.

Whenever you feel good and confident about your body, you will automatically feel more satisfied about having sex. Moreover, there are some particular exercises that are related to increase of penis size. Some of the really effective penis exercises are as follows that can certainly change your life.

Wally Wally Up

To begin with this penis exercise you will have to retrieve the erect phase by sitting on a chair edge. Hold a towel over your penis head, increase the size of head and hold it for three to five seconds. You can perform this for three to five sets, each with 5 to 10 reps.

Once you are comfortable enough and feel stronger; you can increase up the resistance by wet towel over the penis head. Before starting this exercise, make sure to warm up by taking a hot shower. By practicing this, you can significantly add up to your penis size within few months.

Lubricate it Well

After the process of warming up, you will have to move towards the lubrication exercise, which is one the renowned ways of increasing your penis size naturally and quickly. To perform this, you will need a good lubricant.

Though, there are many penis enlargement oils easily available in the market, but the more preferable choices are to use petroleum-based or water-based lubricants for the usual method of exercise.

Always opt for the penis enlargement oils that are rich in botanical extracts, vitamin complexes and antioxidants that go straight into the tissues of the penis to target it fast for the immediate results.

If you are using a water-based lubricant, always remember that they can be dried out fast, therefore; you should put the lubricant on your penis during the exercise.

Penis Stretches Exercises

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Stretches for penis is surely an amazing exercise. Firstly hold on your penis keeping one hand hold around the penis head and another is around that hand. While holding your penis, you will have to stretch and rotate your penis for at least 30 times.

Also remember that you have to rotate to the left. Take a bit rest and massage your penis a little bit. Then, hold the penis and stretch it, rotate it to the right and do it for 30 times. Always take a break before you change to another side. Semenax Semen Enhancement

If you really want to increase your penis size significantly, you should practice this exercise every day. As a matter of fact, in the initial phase of stretching exercise many men experience some pain, which is because they do not have the warm up exercise. Though, stretching your penis is considered as one of the most effective penis enlargement exercises.

However, it requires a lot of patience and you need to perform it properly with caution. If you wouldn’t deal your penis carefully, it can be painful for you. You can practice this exercise along with the intake of penis enlargement pills like Male Extra to accelerate the penis growth process. Even without pills, you can use this exercise as the daily routine to improve your penis size and girth drastically.

Penis Extenders

Besides performing penis enlargement exercises, other great way of enhancing your penis size is by using penis length extenders. You can either use a penis enlargement extender device or can perform this at your own. For this, you need to hold your penis head firmly; another hand keeps the remaining hand to make a tight grip.

You can do this either by sitting on a chair or standing up as per your convenience. Holding your penis head firmly, hold the penis for 30 second and pull it and stretch it. Be careful while handling your penis, as this may be little painful for you. For your ease, you can take a short break between the sets and you can speed up the process or increase the intensity of the stretch if you feel comfortable and better.

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To make this exercise more beneficial and effective, most of the men prefer to use penis enlargement devices and extenders. These extenders are especially designed to provide the gentle support to your penis while stretching, which somehow reduces the pain of this exercise by making the trouble free traction to the penis.

The extender device fastens around the base of the penis and around the head. In fact, the extenders have a fully adjustable traction apparatus in between to make the stretch and hold process easier.

With the regular use of extenders along with Male Extra pills, your penis can gradually and naturally adds tissues, which will make it stronger and bigger within few weeks.